Rudolf Reither

“Art, based on artistic abilities paired with serious minded curiosity”

About The Artist

Rudolf Reither is born 1932 in Vienna, Austria, where he also lives and works. This year Rudolf and his wife Gisela have been honored by the Mayor of Vienna for 65 years of marriage with a family of three children, seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren.


According to the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals, Rudolf is a Monkey, which personality traits are characterized by smart, restless, curiosity and accepting challenges – and indeed, Rudolf’s life and art
is characterized by that.


Rudolf has received a profound five-year education at the “Die Grafische”, Vienna, Austria, specializing in illustration, portrait and figural drawing. He concluded with Masterclass and Diploma.

He received professional training in techniques of oil painting and layer painting after Van Dyk.


At the age of 23, right after his graduation, he took the challenge to establish – together with his future wife Gisela – a graphic design studio, which was a novelty and an uncertain and risky business at the time, in particular to establish a family. Married two years later, a successful long-lasting career as an industrial graphic designer lay ahead and as a freelancer in over 50 years, he has created many trademarks – logos – and posters, which brought him numerous international awards and recognition, including the participation in the Bienal of Contemporary Art, Firenze (2007). His art was presented in many solo exhibitions as well as online galleries.


On purpose and in order to preserve his curiosity and freedom of variety in his art, he did not opt for an artistic trademark, which seems however exactly became his brand – art, based on artistic abilities paired with serious minded curiosity.  Whilst this might be a barrier in traditional art markets, dominated by traditional collectors, it might not be with novel approaches. So, not surprisingly and restless as he is, Rudolf who turned 90 this year, goes for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for his future endeavors. And again, it’s the Monkey characteristics that drive this forward, recognizing an opportunity long before that expression even was known.

About NFT

Interestingly, Rudolf brought up the idea of creating NFT’s at a time where even the expression was scarily known in general and in particular in the arts business.  When selling to traditional markets and collectors he always found the challenge of not having a
brand name – which he intentionally chose against in order to stay open minded, interested and try different things.

NFT now allows interested art lovers to be able to afford some of his more expensive art and provide collectors with interest in trading the opportunity to do so.

About Music

Music is an important component in Rudolf’s life and work and each of the rooms in the virtual gallery are featuring a piece of music, selected by Rudolf.

Jazz in particular accompanied Rudolf all his life. When in school and Jazz was still little known in Europe, he used to head home not to miss the “Voice of America”. Miles Davies, Joe Zawinul, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Cannonball Adderley, Manu Di Bango, Les Mc Cann became his favorites, just to name a few of them.

His younger son, Martin wrote his PhD thesis about Joe Zawinul’s music and so they got acquainted.  Joe invited him to a rehearsal for the performance of “Stories of the Danube”, a piece Zawinul composed for a 80.000 people event at the Bruckner Festival in 1993. A memorable event, which he captured in a small painting featuring Joes loved T3 as a gift for Joe, who put it in his studio in Malibu, CA.

Rudolf plays the piano and vibraphones and listening to classical piano like Friedrich Gulda and playing ‘Thelonious Monk’ became a passion.

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