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Rudolf Reither is born in Vienna. He was educated as Graphic Designer and finished with Masterclass and Diploma. He received training in techniques of oilpainting and layer painting after Van Dyk. He worked as a freelancer for international clients and although he never accepted a “trademark” for his artistic work, in over 50 years he has created many trademarks – logos – and posters, which brought him numerous international awards and recognition, inlcuding the participation in the Bienal of Contemporary Art, Firenze. A deep founded knowledge of music and the performing arts paired with a serious minded curiosity makes him try out something new again and again – New techniques, new aspects, new forms.

3D Virtual Tour

Take a 3d virtual tour of the Rudolf Reither Art Gallery and view Rudy’s artwork as you walk around the four rooms. Click on the points to take you from one location to another stopping on the way to read articles and view paintings in each room.  At the entrance to each room, you will hear a piece of music which was chosen by Rudy which relates to the artwork inside. By clicking on the artwork, you can get more information or purchase online from this website.

Concept: Paul Reither,
Artwork: Threedeemee Team (Win, Singput, Cherlie & Victor)
Text: Wolfgang Herles, Elisabeth Eschwe, Paul Reither
Fotos: Christoph Milek
Music: Birdland, Weather Report
Also sprach Zarathustra, Richard Strauss performed by Berliner Philharmoniker Jango, The Modern Jazz Quartet
Claire de Lune, Claude Debussy


Old masters are bold artistic statements in terms of plastic speech. The great old works have been a symbol of man’s faith in ultimate unity.

Old Masters

Faces are abstractions towards minimalism, where portraits are reduced to dots, lines, and vibrant colours. The spectator is drawn into the vividness of a linear language in interaction with colour.

Faces & Figures

The colourful paintings of Trips to Venice give credit to the artist’s love of the Mediterranean cultures. They are all painted in watercolour, but with a great variety of styles.

Water Colours

Abstract series deal with various musical elements that are reduced to a plastic abstraction which is used to new ends to establish further ideas.


Digital Art

Grey Room
View Fragments Locator

Fractional Non-Fungible Tokens

Rudolf Reither has started processing some of his paintings in the form of a Fractional Non-Fungible Token (FNFT). The first NFT collection of “The Tower of Babel” and will be split into 480 fragments on Solsea where enthusiasts can purchase NFTs using cryptocurrencies. The fragmentation of painting into digital art gives art fans the opportunity to purchase shares in Old Master that may be otherwise out of their price range and give the artist the opportunity to safeguard his artwork in digital format for generations to come.   

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