Red Room

Abstract series deal with various musical elements that are reduced to a plastic abstraction which is used to new ends to establish further ideas.

“Though languages of painting and music are not interchangeable, and each reality of art must be perceived in terms of the means generic to itself, man has always been interested in a synthesis of the arts involving music, painting, dance and drama. Studies on the relationship between music and painting can be traced back to ancient history and are closely linked to the comparison between musical keys and shades of colour.

Freed from naturalistic reproduction the artist seeks new, non-representational techniques of depiction. The various titles of the pictures act as stimuli to the artist’s imagination. Rhythm as patterns of specific time intervals are constructed as repetition of tone colours and colours in movement.  Applied to a fixed structure, colour is capable of making its presence unfold in pure sound, because it has suggestive power. The different uses of brush strokes depict temporal elements, giving them a form of visual articulation. The sense of rise and fall in the arrangement, in conjunction with the fluctuating intensity of colour evokes the emotional atmosphere referred to in the title.”

Risoluto ID B01
Risoluto (B01)
Impetioso ID B03
Impetioso (B03)
Con Spirito ID B02
Con Spirito (B02)
Subito ID B04
Subito (B04)
Perdeno ID B05
Perdeno (B05)
Marcato ID B06
Marcato (B06)
Gaiment ID B07
Gaiment (B07)
Staccato ID B08
Staccato (B08)
Presto ID B09
Presto (B09)
Animato ID B10
Animato (B10)
Accelerando ID B11
Accelerando (B11)
Sentito ID B12
Sentito (B12)
Allargando ID B13
Allargando (B13)
Concitato ID B14
Concitato (B14)
Timeless ID B15
Timeless (B15)
Ad Libidum ID B16
Ad Libidum (B16)
Animato ID B17
Animato (B17)
Feroce ID B18
Feroce (B18)
Furioso ID B19
Furioso (B19)
Perdento ID B20
Perdento (B20)

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